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Birmingham Minibus

Birmingham Minibus provides services to Travelers from all over the world when flocking to Birmingham, England. It could be a corporate retreat to reward your employees or a fun family holiday. Of course, when you are there, you probably do not want to worry about navigating through the new city. Let our chauffeurs with Birmingham Minibus take the burden.

Why Choose Us?

With several transportation outlets vying for your attention, you might wonder why you should choose us. There are a few benefits to our service.

First Impressions

If you are in Birmingham on a corporate retreat, you might have a few business meetings to attend. The other party will make a few assumptions about you before you even walk in the door. If you arrive in an upscale minibus, they will think that you are somebody to be taken seriously. That is why our service offers a wide range of models. We can offer models from Iveco vehicle buses and Result vehicle buses to Mercedes luxury vehicle executive minibus and coach hire. These options will enable you to travel in comfort while making that crucial first impression.

You should also think in terms of reliability. Public transportation can be a hassle. It takes longer and often causes tardiness, which can ruin an entire business trip. Our minibus service is dedicated to timeliness.

A Variety of Packages

If you choose Birmingham Minibus, you will have several options. They include:
‌• 8 seater minibus Birmingham
‌• 12 seater
‌• 14 seater
‌• 16 seater
‌• 24 seater mini coach
‌• 33 seater coach hire
‌• 36 seater coach hire
‌• 49 seater coach hire
‌• Minibus taxi service

Long Journeys

Beyond chauffeuring 8-30 passengers around Birmingham, we also offer long distance coach service. Utilizing our Birmingham coach company will allow you to be attentive to a child who might get bored.


In addition to the emotional trauma that accompanies losing a loved one, a funeral often creates a logistical and financial crisis. You had no time to prepare for the trip to Birmingham. But with our minibus, you can arrange everything with a few clicks on your computer.

Airport Transportation

Hailing a taxi from the airport can be a little overwhelming. But you can circumvent the line for the taxi. Our clients enjoy the benefit of punctual airport transfers, help with their luggage and a reliable service throughout their holiday.

Take A Tour

If you have never been to Birmingham, you might enjoy taking a tour of the city. Our chauffeurs function as tour guides. They will show you some of the important landmarks to give you an idea of where you should go during your trip. Since our guided tours offer a bit of historical insight, it will be an educational experience.

Try Our Self-Drive Option

While our minibus service is happy to provide a driver, some clients prefer to drive themselves. There are several reasons for this. First, it is more cost effective without the driver. Beyond that, many clients are more comfortable without a stranger in the vehicle. Further, without a driver, you will not have to worry about the schedule. This means that you can stop anywhere that you want, allowing for a more natural experience of the city.

Integrated Features

If you are bringing children on the trip, comfort and entertainment will be a necessity. That is why our service offers the latest technological advancements, including an upscale entertainment system, air conditioning and ample legroom. Business travelers will also enjoy the WiFi service. Overall, we can offer a very comfortable environment.

Short And Long Term Minibus Hire

Some businesses will be in Birmingham for a longer period of time. If you have a company based there, it might be beneficial to rent one of our buses. It will come with several benefits. We will handle all of the maintenance concerns free of charge. Beyond that, if something happens to the vehicle, we will provide a new one. Our clients also enjoy 24/7 emergency services.

Something else to consider is that with a short-term Minibus hire Birmingham, you could simply swap a smaller or larger model as your needs change. If you were to commit to purchasing a vehicle, you would be stuck with it if your company expanded or you needed to downsize a few employees. You could also enjoy the tax benefits. If you were to purchase a minibus, you would be responsible for a substantial property tax on the full price of the vehicle. But by renting our minibus, you are only taxed for the price of the rental agreement.

24/7 Service Minibus And Coach Hire

Of course, your travel needs will not end during the day. If you want to check out some of the nightlife scenes in Birmingham, our minibus will be there to escort you. That means that you will not have to worry about driving while under the influence of alcohol.

We Accommodate Everyone

We recognize that there are a number of different demographics with special travel needs, including the disabled, children, and the elderly. Our chauffeurs are trained to handle each demographic with sensitivity and respect.

Think for a moment of the benefit that our service could have transporting children. If you have a large group of kids who are going on several school trips, driving them would be frustrating. Something similar might be said if you are transporting residents of a nursing home. Rather than learning how to accommodate them, give the burden to our chauffeurs.

Cost Effective Service

One reason that consumers have chosen our Birmingham minibus company is that transportation can be expensive. Whether you are in Birmingham for an extended holiday or you are planning a few day trips the price of rental cars would be a little daunting. The same can be said of public transportation. On the other hand, we offer a efficient service at a tempting rate.

Easy Arrangements

A common complaint that visitors have is that arranging everything is too complicated. This will lead some to overpay for a rental car. But if you use our online system, you can finish your arrangements in just a few minutes. All you have to do is fill out the quote form and then receive your prices.

Special Offers

Our recurring customers know that we always have special offers. Keep checking our website and you will find a cheap Birmingham minibus. Consider giving us a call and asking about any upcoming deals!

Why Choose Birmingham?

If you are thinking about possible destinations, Birmingham is second to none. There are several tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants, festivals, concerts, racecourses nearby, museums, and amenities for the kids to enjoy.

Birmingham Museum And Art Gallery

Interestingly, art is often the only remaining vestige when ruins are discovered. The Birmingham Museum And Art Gallery displays some of the great paintings and sculptures throughout history. They show a lot of work from the Pre-Raphaelites Brotherhood. They were a group of English artists from the 19th century. This museum will give you a glimpse of the historical latitude of the great city of Birmingham.

ThinkTank Birmingham Science Museum

Educators often try to find a balance between teaching and entertainment. This science museum helps to accomplish that, as you will have plenty of educational opportunities for your children. You will get to enjoy a planetarium, taking in the expanse of the cosmos. Perhaps their most intriguing exhibition is known as Totality. Totality is a simulation of solar eclipses from a talented contemporary artist.

National Sea Life Centre

There are some deep secrets in the world that most people will never be able to witness. Most will never see the marine life that is featured at the National Sea Life Centre. Your kids will be thrilled when they see the wide range of octopuses or the Bay of Rays. Also, the National Sea Life Centre has made conservation a primary focus. They provide a habitat for marine life that might have otherwise gone extinct. So supporting them would be a worthy campaign.

Birmingham Back To Backs

In the early years of the United States, a popular belief emerged that if one’s home is shaped like the human head, it will reinforce good thinking habits. Of course, that view fell out of favor as an architectural project long ago. But that is one example of how old architecture can provide insight into the culture. The same can be said of Birmingham. That is why Birmingham Back To Backs features a few restored, historic houses, demonstrating how the culture changed in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Pen Museum

Futuristic television dramas and movies sometimes feature pens as a thing of the past, faded out by the digital era. But pens were revolutionary in their time, and we should not let that piece of history be forgotten. The Pen Museum chronicles the evolution of writing and the steel pen trade. They also provide an exhibition demonstrating and explaining the production of the pen. It will be an interesting learning experience to see how much effort has gone into this basic household item.

Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park

Unless you are traversing the jungles of South America and the plains of Africa, there are some animals that you will never get to see. This conservation park provides housing for these animals, simulating their natural habitat, preserving the various species and giving you an educational benefit when you come to the park. When you go, you might even want to sponsor a little tiger.

The Electric

The Electric cinema has been an important aspect of Birmingham lifestyle since it opened in 1909. Today, it functions as both a historic landmark and a great way to spend an evening. During the films, they offer sofa seating and even a waiter service (by text).

Lapworth Museum of Geology

Since it is free of charge, the Museum of Geology would be an excellent option for your group. They offer several exhibitions of fossils, many of which are literally millions of years old. You will have some insight into how animals changed throughout the years. There are also lectures, volcano displays, free guided tours, and much more.

BrewDog Birmingham

After a day of business meetings and checking out the museums, you should unwind at one of the local pubs, like the BrewDog Birmingham. They offer unique, Scottish brew and several filling entrées. It will be a great way for your group to mingle with some of the locals.

Customer Reviews

1 – “After my grandmother passed away, I was really scrambling to figure everything out. I really appreciated the effort of Minibus to make sure my family and I could get around on such short notice. I filled out the form and got a quote in minutes!”

2 – “The last time I came to Birmingham was a nightmare. I made the mistake of using public transportation. I called three times and they took an hour to arrive every single time! This time I went with some friends, and they suggested Minibus. Their service was excellent. The drivers were courteous and punctual. I’ll be using Minibus every time I go to Birmingham.”

3 – “My family and I are from the United States, and we were all a little nervous about traveling through Birmingham since we have never been here before, so we chose Minibus. I was happy when I saw them waiting at the airport. They knew everything about the city and made us feel comfortable in a strange place.”

If you want to enjoy the same amenities as these clients, give us a call or book online to receive a quote. We serve all of the postcodes in Birmingham and towns in this area. We would be happy to give you reliable service, touring all of these great museums and historic landmarks at a reasonable price.
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